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Introducing… Map Pack Hero
A simple, counterintuitive way to build passive income and begin living life on your own terms by making the phones RING for local businesses. No special insider knowledge, no previous business experience, and NO fancy tech skills. This may be the ONLY thing on the internet that sounds to be good to be true… but isn’t. 

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Map Pack Hero™ is a shortcut
Before I created the Map Pack Hero™ - I was struggling - slaving away at my 9-5 job, trading my time for money. I was on the verge of giving up on making "entrepreneurship" work.

I was working 16 hours a day, 6 days per week.
I got myself a deal I never signed up for.

Which led me to questioning everything and eventually turning the entire "building an online business" model upside down, breaking all the rules and freeing me from the chains of the old ways.

After several years of trial-and-error, testing everything and figuring things out the hard way - without anyone guiding me I've finally reached a point where I could make money while I sleep, and travel the world on my own terms.

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate the entire system I built by accessing a $27 training called Map Pack Hero™

Here's how it works:
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Exclusive access to our premium coaching community, so that you get step-by-step guidance from others that achieved financial freedom.

10-Step Map Ranking Checklist
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Our secret 10-Step Map Ranking Checklist, so that there is absolutely no guesswork. You'll know exactly how to get results!

1,000+ Profitable Niches
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Our private list of over 1,000 profitable niches that you could provide these services to.

Contract Templates
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My company's actual contract templates, so that you don't need to worry about the details, and can focus on growing your income.
Here's How I Went from Working day-in-and-day-out with no passion, no purpose, & no direction To living life on my own terms - working how i want and when i want - By Ignoring The Common Wisdom, Breaking All The Rules, And Turning The 
traditional 9-5 work Model Upside Down
This Is Something Completely New, Completely Different, Completely Unlike Anything You've Ever Heard of Before - Read The Story Below To Discover The Map Pack Hero™ system
Dear Future Map Pack Hero™ Owner
From: The laptop of Joshua T. Osborne
Re: Taking back your life (and why this is your only way out) 

Would it surprise you to learn that I was able to leave behind the "controlled" 9-5 life using the information revealed in this 4-part training?


You should be.

After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet :-)

So Let Me Prove It To You
But first, read this disclaimer:

I have the benefit of over 10-years making money in the online world.

The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All purchases entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS TRAINING.

And yes, it took me time and energy to achieve my results.

With that said … let me jump right in and show you…

And I Did It By Using A Completely Counterintuitive Model That I’m About To Share With You On This Very Page…
The same Map Pack Hero system that aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world are now using to get their lives back…

...And in turn build residual income faster than ever before...

...All while working from a laptop from anywhere in the world, allowing them to focus on doing WHAT THEY WANT... WHEN THEY WANT...

...And best of all having no one telling them what to do

Just Like Brooke Peyton, Who watched The Map Pack Hero Training A Few Months Ago And Soon After deposited Her First $7,000 Check into Her bank account
Soon After, She Quit Her Job, And Then Posted This In Our Private FB Group:

And even though she deposited $7,000 into her bank account in one month, that's not the best part...

The best part is she took back control...

That's right, no longer does she have to go back to her 9-5 and slave away to make someone ELSE wealthy...

And Brooke isn’t the only one either…
This Is Paul Heck, Another student that Watched The Map Pack Hero Training, Not Too Long Ago…
...And soon landed a $1,500 one time payment + $900/mo in passive income...

Here’s a post he posted in our private FB Community (which you will have access to once you get the training)...

Here’s another Map Pack Hero owner who started using these strategies…

Meet Joe Jackson Who Got An Extra $1,500 Per Month in recurring income from Just one client
Brooke, Paul, and Joe Are A Group Of Over 1,000 New Map Pack Hero Owners Who Are Doing Things Differently…
And you can BET...

This Map Pack Hero system is unlike any method you heard of before…

…This is something completely different, because…
  • We don’t focus on selling crappy products to our friends & family
  • ​​We don’t focus on spamming the internet with random product links
  • ​We don’t focus on recruiting random people from coffee shops into your "network"
  • ​We don’t focus on having to build a million robo-followers on platforms to sell our "influence"
  • ​We don’t focus on borrowing money from our friends & family just to get started
In fact: we rarely (if ever) even have to "sell" our service.
Instead We flip the script and provide value in advance to local business owners , who then reach out to YOU for your help...
Like I said…

This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you…

…and I know that’s true…

Because it changed everything for me.

The Map Pack Hero system allowed me to get rid of 99% of all the BS that I hated when it comes to making money online…
  • Bothering friends & family to buy from you
  • Tricking people into buying something they don't need
  • Talking to strangers that don't want anything to do with you
  • ​Becoming a "fake" internet guru
  • ​Going into debt just to get started
The Map Pack Hero System Freed Me From All That And It Allowed Me To live life on my own terms
Here’s what my life used to look like (and if you’ve ever ran an online business, then I’m sure you can relate)…

I call this the “Wheel Of Doom”:
  • Step 1 - Start An Ecomm/Affiliate/Other Online Buisness
  • ​Step 2 - Spend Hours Learning A New Skill
  • ​Step 3 - Spend Tons Of Money On Ads, Inventory Or Software
  • ​Step 4 - Desperately Try To Sell Something People Dont Want Or Need
  • ​Step 5 - Get Frustrated And Give Up
  • ​Step 6 - Buy Another Expensive Course Or Software 
  • ​Step 7 - Realize There's A Million Things You're Still Missing 
  • ​Step 8 - Get Frustrated And Give Up (Again)
The Wheel Of Doom not only sucked, but kept me stuck for 3 years - forcing me to continue working at my 9-5, while spending all of my nights and weekends working my ass off trying to get an online business off the ground.

To be honest…

...I almost gave up on this whole idea of being an online entrepreneur...

... But before I gave up..

I wanted to try something.

Something that - if it worked.

It would change everything.

And as you're about to find out, what I tried...

... It worked...

And I spent years turning it into a system...

And I Put This Entire System In A 3.5 hour training Called “map pack hero" And You Can Start watching It In Just A Few Moments From Now…
But before you do.

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name’s Joshua T. Osborne…

You probably haven’t heard that name before. That’s by design.

My life’s pretty good… I get to spend time with my family, travel the world, and live life doing whatever I desire. I get to drive a G-Wagon, live in a multi-million-dollar home, speak from stages, & help others change their lives, too.

Here are some of the places I get to do my "work" from...
As of writing this, I’m currently living in Colorado Springs.
As We Get To Know Each Other… You’ll Quickly Realize That I’m The Luckiest Person On Earth - So Let’s Talk About Where I Was On June 13th, 2011...
I was 26 and living in a low-income apartment...

I had no extra money after my bills were paid...

I had no idea how to escape the rate-race...

I had no extra time to start digging my way out...

... and I had just had my first newborn son.

This meant I couldn’t just quit my job and make the whole "online business" thing work...

There’s a stupid myth out there..that you can just save your way to retirement...

… Well sometimes you can't...

And if you want to start living life NOW, it is almost never the answer...

I know, because I tried.

I gave it everything I had.

I gave it my BEST shot.

And it didn’t work.

Because I played by the rules and I did everything right...
I Ended Up With an empty bank account & a broke mindset, And I Hated It…
I hated it not only because I couldn't afford to give my son the life he deserved, but also because my mind was stuck in wrongly thinking I could work a traditional 9-5, yet still live an extraordinary life.

I had goals, dreams and aspirations...I wanted more out of life...

...and being a salaried warehouse worker wasn't going to cut it.

So I did what everyone else out there does in this situation.

I started looking for a way out.

I looked everywhere and a few months later I found it.

I stumbled upon a Facebook group of guys and gals that were talking about how they were "online entrepreneurs", traveling the world, eating at fancy restaurants, & cashing huge checks without ever really seeming like they were working.

This was a cool concept to me, and as I researched more and more I found that most of them were just like me.

They were also tired of being controlled, had come from middle-class backgrounds, & had always known there was something more for them out there.

The only difference was that they had a mentor and a system.
The Digital Traffic Light Is One Of The Most Legitimate And Easy-To-Use Systems If You Want To take back control of your life
Just think about it:

If you could build residual income with little investment, would you do it? Stop trading your time for money.

If you could fire your boss & never clock-in again, would you do it? 
Stop letting your schedule be controlled.

If you could spend more time with your family, would you do it? Free up your time to live life on your own terms.

If you could work from the beach, would you do it? Life is meant to be enjoyed - so enjoy it!

If you could consciously make money by helping others, would you do it? Stop thinking you'll get far in life by taking - be the giver and freedom will follow.

This Digital Traffic Light system was the perfect thing for me...

And the best part that attracted me to doing it this way?
You Don’t Even Have To invest a lot of money to get started!
Which means you can start your entrepreneurial journey without having to take a loan from the bank, or the people you love.

All you have to do is make a local businesses' phone ring.
And That Was The Birth Of My Business
After doing a bit of research - I started implementing pieces of the Digital Traffic Light system, just to see if it would work.

I had no idea how to get a businesses' phone to ring, let alone sell it as a service to someone.

All I knew how to do was put my head down and work.

Here's what my 400-lb life looked like then:
And even though I had a great work ethic...

I still had to try and fail to figure out the system.

Looking back, those first few years, they were brutal.

Late nights.

Hard work.


I started optimizing these business listings, & I started getting a lot of phone calls to them... I even got a few clients...

That was all great, but then I had a big problem: how was I going to scale this into a business that could support me and my family?

I had never sold a single thing in my life and I was ready to quit.

But thankfully, I didn't...
That Was 10 years Ago, And Fast Forward To Today And It Almost Seems Like A Bad Dream
I proved that the idea of “following the traditional life path” was all wrong…

Instead of wearing myself out and working 10 to 12 hours per day at a warehouse for someone else to make big profits....

I'm spending time doing what I love, traveling the world with my kids and wife, while making money in my sleep.
(Me and My Wife Working In CABO!)

Chatting with friends and writing this copy you’re reading.

I have full control over the things that happen in my life now, I'm no longer controlled by other people and THEIR desires...

Unlike most aspiring entrepreneurs who are still working their full time jobs and struggling to find an opportunity that will change their lives. 

I did this for years, and it not only drove me crazy…

It drove me to the point that I was ready to throw in the towel and accept defeat.

Instead of me being happy and joyful - I was stressed and depressed.
Wanna Know What The Main Difference Is With The Map Pack Hero System And That “Old Way” Of Doing Things?
Instead of forcing yourself on the world, trying to get them to buy things they don't want or need, we bring value to the world and get paid handsomely to do it.

Rather than doing all those things I mentioned above in order to start an online business, here’s what it looks like now..
And The Result Of Using This New Way?
Which Naturally Leads To…
I get to drive my dream car (G-Wagon), spend tons of time with my family, and travel the world...

And the best part is that I'm enjoying the journey:
(Me and My Two Boys At Lil Joshua's State Championship Game)

The really cool thing is that…

If you follow every single step that I teach, you end up with the same level of freedom that I have. 

But it’s much more than that..
It’s Actually a new way of living Life... 
How many online business models have you seen come and go through the years?
  • People trying to make it big in real estate...
  • ​Or buying the next hot cryptocurrency...
  • ​Or investing in the next giant tech bubble...
My online agency has been going strong for 10 years straight at this point...

Now, speaking of this system...

I’m going to share something that’s a little bit disturbing with you.

Here it goes:

I am creating serious enemies by even showing you this...

And the other gurus out there are making loads of money by teaching the opposite of what I teach (except it doesn't work).

Ready for it?
The #1 Mistake Everyone Else Makes Is thinking they can make money without actually providing serious, Real World value to people.
Here’s why:

There are two types of people out there.

There are the "TAKERS" and there are the "GIVERS".

For my first 2 years in business - I was a taker.

Takers are always out there trying to get ahead, while taking from every situation and person around them.

Their strategy is to try to get over on (or extract value from) as many people as possible, in order to grow themselves financially - not caring about the impact and harm they have on others.

And by focusing on this, they spend a ton of time....
  • Selling low quality things people don't really need
  • ​Hurting people (sometimes even the ones they care about)
  • Being dishonest and trying to get ahead through manipulation
  • ​Being self-centered, and narrow-minded
All of this requires time and energy.

The problem isn't necessarily the people - we're all human, and deep down we all care about the impact we have on the world - it's the systems they are learning from...

And this is the same exact thing that happened to me before I figured out the Map Pack Hero system.

The solution?
Making Money By Actually Helping Real People With Real Problems.
That's right...

I call this philosophy "GIVERS GAIN"...

...Which means that I don't sell something for the sake of making a quick buck, but rather to build impact the lives of others on a massive scale...

No thanks. I was a taker before and it sucks.

So here's the deal...

...I explain everything in Map Pack Hero, it's a 3.5 hour video training that shows you everything you need to know.
So Here's The $1,000,000 Idea Behind The Map Pack Hero system
Right now, as you're reading this very page...

There's a lot of activity happening in the world of online entrepreneurship

Over the last few years everyone has taken notice and is trying to get their piece of the pie..

This has created a lot of FAKE business coaches and mentors that claim to be able to help your dreams come true but have never had success themselves.

Now, most of these aspiring entreprenuers are looking for a proven time tested solution...

And as you may have guessed it - we have it.

And what's really cool is that our system has been successfully implemented by thousands of students across the world.

Some of them make as much as $100,000 per month.
That's Right - Given A Choice, They'd Rather live life on their own terms - Than live in constant frustration on the wheel of doom
And that's where the Map Pack Hero comes in...

It does this beautifully in 5 easy steps...
And that’s the difference here.

When you build a passive income buisness using this model the results are amplified and sustainable.

When you stay on the old path, their is a ton of failure and guess work to get it right.

I’m not saying trying and failing is bad.

What I’m saying if your goal is taking back control in the shortest amount of time possible, then constant trial and error might actually be the thing that’s holding you back from getting it!

Trial and Error requires years of investment and tens of thousands of dollars in testing to figure out the right formula.

The Digital Light just requires you to follow this easy to use step by step formula that thousands have used before you.

And that's why this is different.
And You Know What? I'll Stake My Entire Reputation On This One Promise
You can change your life forever and achieve financial freedom with this system...

And once you start using this Map Pack Hero system...

Getting that level of freedom isn’t something you ever need to worry about again - or even think about.

It’s something that organically happens when you work the process.

Here’s what I want you to do now: set your calendar right now - set it to 30 days from today.

Because if you implement everything I’m going to share with you in the Map Pack Hero training

That’s when you’ll start seeing your first $1,000.00 dollar residual income hitting your bank account

That’s how easy this is.

I know how ridiculous that sounds…and cliche that sounds…
And Just A Few Years Ago… I’d Tell You That You’re Crazy If You’d Ever Believe Such System Existed…
…But, today I know better.


I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to get out of the rat race.

I promise you this…

Anyone can achieve complete freedom with the right model (more on this below)..

Ultimately I want you to know one thing..
If I Can Do This, So Can You!
Because over 2,000 others are doing it too right now within the Map Pack Hero Community...

Here are some recent posts:

And Here's Another Reason You Too Can Do This
It took me 3 years to "figure this out"...

...and another 7 years to perfect it.

Which is safe to say that there isn't anything left for you to figure out.

I already did all of the hard work for you.

I figured it all out.

Which means...there’s nothing for you to “figure out”.

You just need to access the trainingand most important of all - implement it!

That’s it…
Here’s The Exact 5 Step System Revealed In The Map Pack Hero Training For Complete Freedom
  •  Step 1 - Mindset - We have to know what we want out of life so that we can go out and get it... getting clear on our goals and desires allows us to FOCUS on the future we want to create.
  • ​Step 2 - Research - In order to really impact businesses we need to know what we can do to really help them with the things that are holding them back with their growth...
  • ​Step 3 - On Map Optimization - Get our plug and play on map optimization systems so you don't have to worry about getting the phones to ring.
  • ​Step 4 - Off Map Optimization - Get Even more Results for your customers with our step by step off map optimization framework that is sure to double the phone calls your clients get (and thus double your income!)
  • ​Step 5 - Fill Your Bank Account - When you provide value in advance to local business owners by making their phones ring, they LOVE to pay you. So sit back while you fill your bank account and build relationships with HAPPY PAYING CLIENTS
Those are the 5 steps to financial freedom

All of this is revealed in the 5 part map pack hero training in step-by-step detail.

Making it a counterintuitive approach to Finacial Freedom for the person that seeks to Live Life On Their Own Terms.

And that's not all, because...
Here's What Else You're Going To Discover In The Map Pack Hero
  • Our Exact Sales System We're Using Right Now To Land Clients Paying Us Over $5,000 Per Month (So That You Can See Exactly What Works For Us, And Have A Blueprint For Duplicating Our Success) [All Explained in Section 5 Of The Training]
  • A Top Down Overview Of How To Be A Local Sales Hero (You'll See What It Means To Actually Help Local Businesses, And How To Get Paid Handsomely To Do It)  [Section 1, Video 3 Of The Training]
  • The Million-Dollar Mindset You Need To Succeed (These Are The Principles I Live My Life By... And For The First Time Ever, I'm Giving Them To You. Once You've Got Your Mind Right, It's Easy To Achieve Personal Freedom) ​[Section 1, Video 2 Of The Training]
  • ​A List Of Over 1,000+ Profitable Niches, So You Can Hit It Big From Day 1 (Skip Over The Mistakes And Guesswork I Had To Deal With, And Get Right Down To The Most Profitable Niches On The Planet For You To Sell Your Services To!) ​[Section 2, Video 5 Of The Training]
  • Our Map Optimization Template That's Responsible For Millions Of Dollars In Business (Businesses Are Practically Backing Up Dump-Trucks Full Of Money To People That Can Rank Their Profiles For Them... Use Our EXACT Optimization Template To Remove The Guesswork And Send Them Soaring To The Top Of Google) [Section 2, Video 9 Of The Training]
  • Our 10-Step Ranking Checklist, So That You Don't Need To Guess What Will Work (Most Businesses We Work With See Their Revenues Skyrocket From Implementing Just 3 Of The Items On This List... We're Going To Give You All 10!) [Section 2, Video 16 Of The Training]
  • ​How To Maximize Use Of Map Categories To Skyrocket To The Top Of The Listings (One Of Our Students Used This Advice And Landed A $1,500/Mo Remodeling Client… Without Even Having A Website Or A Bank Account!) ​[Section 3, Video 2 Of The Training]
  • ​How To Optimize Your Map Pack Photos For Specific Keywords (Did you know that google robots actually read behind every photo and knows what its about? We show you how to leverage this little known fact for massive success!) ​[Section 3, Video 6 Of The Training]
  • Our Secret Description Booster (Want a quick WIN for yourself and your clients, we show you how to BOOST your rankings and conversions with our Step by Step Description Booster Package)[Section 3, Video 3 Of The Training]
  • ​Google Review Blastoff (This ONE Tip Is Worth 100X The Price Of This Entire Training… And We’ve ONLY Ever Shared This At A my Live Event)  ​[Section 4, Video 3 Of The Training]
  • ​Citations (This Is The Difference Between Having Clients Pay You 1K A Month… Or 10K A Month… For The Same Amount Of Work!) [Section 4, Video 7 Of The Training]
  • ​GMB Websites (How much does google love google? This one secret will make the phones ring by leveraging google own model for YOUR GAIN) ​[Section 4, Video 2 Of The Training]
  • ​Downhill Prospecting (How to find businesses that will beg you to work with them, get rid of the guessing game downhill prospecting will show you the businesses that are ready and willing to pay you for your services) ​[Section 5, Video 5 Of The Training]
We’ll also show you how to live a life that's truly free!

If freedom of time and money is what you seek, this is the ultimate guide on how to get it.
Plus I'm Going To Give You Access To Our Private Community
Acess to our exclusive coaching community of 6-figure students
And Before You Access the map pack hero training…I Want You To Know That There's No Catch!
I realize this is very inexpensive and that I’m practically giving it away…
And you’re probably wondering:

“If you’re doing so well with this, why would you give it away for next to nothing?”…

So there has to be a “catch”…

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I'm literally giving you this entire training for $27 as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:
This Won’t Last Long
The truth is...

I was planning on selling this training for $997, but that meant I had to personally train everyone that entered...

Which would eat up my time and also make it much more difficult to help more people.

Then I sold the Map Pack Hero training for $997 and over 1,000 people bought it at that price....

...Which was was great, but then I realized hey - this is a digital training & it doesn't cost me anything to sell other than a few bucks to advertise it.
By Lowering The Price To $27 It Allows Me To Impact More People And Help Them achieve true financial freedom
I consider that at true win/win...

Also in most cases, I take a loss when selling the training at this price.

It costs me just over $25.00 in advertising expense to sell one training.

So why would I do that?

Simple. I'm making this offer with the idea that you'll be very impressed with what I'm giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with me in the future.

I'm betting that you'll enjoy the training so much, you'll call and ask to take additional classes or trainings from me.

Pretty straightforward.

Anyway - with all of that said, this is a limited offer.
You're Also Getting a list of 1,000+ profitable niches
We wanted to remove all of the guesswork of which industries and businesses are actually profitable and willing to fork over fistfulls of cash... so we wrote them all down for you...

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the training.

Plus I’m also including these amazing bonuses valued at $997

- 10-Step Map Ranking Checklist
- Contract Templates
- Exclusive Coaching Community

Oh. And in case you're wondering ...


Of course there's a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it's …

The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The World

Here’s the world’s best guarantee. I know that before I get into anything…

…I’d like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.

And I want you to be comfortable with this buy.

And even though it’s only $27

Like my grandpa used to say “Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot”…

So here’s what I’ve arranged:

Access the training, watch it all, but more importantly apply what you learn in there.

And if you’re not blown away by what you learn.

Then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 30 days.

We’ll refund you your $27 and let you keep the Map Pack Hero™ training free of charge.

How’s that for the world’s best money back guarantee? I’d say pretty good!

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to order, so with that in mind...

This Offer Expires On {{MMM}} {{D}}, {{YYYY}}
$27 (Save $970 today)
Get The Training For $997 just $27. Access granted instantly. Start learning in the next 2 minutes! 
I’ll talk to you in our private FB Group that you’ll get instant access to as soon as you download your copy of the Map Pack Hero™.

Until then, to your success,
Joshua T. Osborne

P.S. Remember, the Map Pack Hero™ comes with The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The World.

Access it, learn it, implement it, get results.

And if you’re not happy for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) - just let me know and we’ll refund you your $27

  Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Discover In The Training...
 Our Exact sales system we're using right now to land clients paying us over $5,000 per month 
(so that you can see exactly what works for us, and have a blueprint for duplicating our success) 
[Section 5 Of The Training]
 A top down overview of How to be a local sales hero 
(you'll see what it means to actually help local businesses, and how to get paid handsomely to do it) 
 [Section 1, Video 3 Of The Training]
 The Million-Dollar Mindset you need to succeed 
(these are the principles i live my life by... and for the first time ever, i'm giving them to you. Once you've got your mind right, it's easy to achieve personal freedom)
[Section 1, Video 2 Of The Training]
  a list of over 1,000+ Profitable niches, so you can hit it big from day 1 
(Skip over the mistakes and guesswork i had to deal with, and get right down to the most profitable niches on the planet for you to sell your services to!) 
[Section 2, Video 5 Of The Training]
  our map Optimization Template that's responsible for millions of dollars in business 
(Businesses are practically backing up dump-trucks full of money to people that can rank their profiles for them... use our eXACT optimization template to remove the guesswork and send them soaring to the top of google)
[Section 2, Video 9 Of The Training]
  our 10-Step ranking checklist, so that you don't need to guess what will work 
(most businesses we work with see their revenues skyrocket from implementing just 3 of the items on this list... we're going to give you all 10!)
[Section 2, Video 16 Of The Training]
 how to maximize use of map Categories to skyrocket to the top of the listings 
(One of our students used this advice and landed a $1,500/mo remodeling client… without even having a website or a bank account!) 
[Section 3, Video 2 Of The Training]
  GMB Photos (Did you know that google robots actually read behind every photo and knows what its about? We show you how to leverage this little known fact for massive success!)
[Section 3, Video 6 Of The Training]
  Our Secret Description Booster (Want a quick WIN for yourself and your clients, we show you how to BOOST your rankings and conversions with our Step by Step Description Booster Package)
[Section 3, Video 3 Of The Training]
 Google Review Blastoff 
(This ONE Tip Is Worth 100X The Price Of This Entire Training… And We’ve ONLY Ever Shared This At A my Live Event)
[Section 4, Video 3 Of The Training]
(This Is The Difference Between Having Clients Pay You 1K A Month… Or 10K A Month… For The Same Amount Of Work!)
[Section 4, Video 7 Of The Training]
  GMB Websites
(How much does google love google? This one secret will make the phones ring by leveraging google own model for YOUR GAIN)
[Section 4, Video 2 Of The Training]
  Downhill Prospecting 
(How to find businesses that will beg you to work with them, get rid of the guessing game downhill prosepecing will show you the businesses that are ready and willing to pay you for your services)
[Section 5, Video 5 Of The Training]
  Copy-Paste Contracts (This allows you to perform HOURS of work within MINUTES… and nail it every time! No tech skills required.) 
[Section 5, Video 7 Of The Training]
 And So Much More!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What Map Pack Hero?
Map Pack Hero is a proven system for building the life of your dreams and achieving financial independence...
By Helping REAL People, Like:

Roofers, Dentists, Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Realtors, and other skilled professionals

They'll hand money over to you without a second thought...

Because you'll be generating them paying customers, month after month...

By simply optimizing existing assets that they already have!

This business is as simple as it gets.

(no previous skills needed)

It has very little overhead.

And the best part?

You can run it from anywhere in the world, with just a few hours per week
Will there be 1 on 1 help?
Absolutely... one of the bonuses included with your purchase is access to our premium coaching group, where you can get hands-on guidance from other coaches doing 5 or 6 Figures per year.

If you want hands-on help from me personally, we offer you that opportunity after you've purchased our training.
Is it guaranteed to work?
As long as you follow our exact system, it's almost guaranteed to work for you!

We have thousands of students that have changed their lives following this process.

Plus, if you implement the steps and don't see success, we'll give you a refund, no questions asked!
Is this system for me?
Map Pack Hero is designed to work for anyone that, deep down, wants to own their life fully, and have a simple business they can operate from anywhere in the world.

I've done almost everything online to make money, and this business model is the simplest I've found, hands-down.

Since you're just optimizing existing assets for business owners, there is virtually no overhead.

The best part? 

You get to make money by actually helping people!
Video Testimonials
Normally $997… Yours today for just $27
Access the training NOW for $997 just $27. Access granted INSTANTLY. Start learning in the next 2 minutes!
Only $997 $27 Today
Get The Training For $997 just $27. Access granted instantly. Start learning in the next 2 minutes! 
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